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VIDEO : One More Superb Stumping By MS Dhoni

Harbhajan to Murugan Ashwin, out Stumped!! RCB are being spun to the dumps here. Harbhajan’s turn to sneak a wicket now, his second. Wonderfully bowled this, slowed it up and got a bit of drift as well. Lured Ashwin into pushing at it and this just straightened a tad to beat the edge. Dhoni has super quick […]

VIDEO : Huge 108 Meter Six By MS Dhoni

Avesh Khan to Dhoni, SIX, that’s deep into the crowd! After a series of good deliveries, Avesh loses his composure. Tries the yorker to be fair to him but it ends up as a juicy full toss. Clubbed away way over deep square leg. 108 meters it is! Second longest one of the tournament. Here is the clip of […]

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