VIDEO : Curran’s Runs Out Haris With His Football Skill

Tom Curran to Imam-ul-Haq, out Haris Sohail Run Out! Gone! A wicket against the run of play, and this looked like the most likely mode of dismissal. An excellent exhibition of football skills from Tom Curran.

A back of a length delivery without any width on the off-stump, a tap on the head late whilst on the backfoot, and they decide to hurry across for a sharp single.

Curran sprints across and kicks the ball onto the stumps at the striker’s end, and the replays show that Haris Sohail has taken Curran’s football skills for granted and hasn’t stretched enough to reach the crease in time. The decision from the third umpire is OUT

Here is the clip of that video:

Updated: May 14, 2019 — 8:54 pm

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