VIDEO : Funny Run Out of the Year By Pakistani Batsmen

Udana to Iftikhar Ahmed, out Iftikhar Ahmed Run Out!! What is sure: Somebody’s run-out. What isn’t sure: Who’s the one run-out. Neither of them want to walk back, with both of them confusing each other with their running and ending up at the same end. But Sarfaraz uses his experience, quite cheekily dragging his bat inside the crease before a bat-in-the-air Iftikhar can.

All this after a tap to a diving cover, and for Sarfaraz to run through with the single and for Iftikhar to return after getting halfway down. Shanaka, the cover, throws it back to the bowler, and the third umpire after wondering checking it again and again for some weird reason when everything was as clear as it could get, presses that damn button.

Here is the clip of that video:

Updated: October 7, 2019 — 6:17 am

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