AB de Villiers Settles ‘Best Finisher’ Debate Once And For All in ‘Thala’ Style


Former South African captain AB de Villiers took a page from MS Dhoni’s playbook when responding to a fan’s query regarding the title of the ‘best finisher’ between ABD and Dhoni. Initially, De Villiers humorously mentioned himself, but he later acknowledged Dhoni’s prowess and showered praise on the Indian cricket legend.

De Villiers also expressed his willingness to credit where it’s due, highlighting how Dhoni’s iconic six during the 2011 ODI World Cup had left an indelible mark in his memory.

Both De Villiers and Dhoni belong to the exclusive club of cricketers capable of masterfully closing out games. Dhoni, in particular, is widely regarded as one of the greatest finishers in the history of the sport. Frequently, experts and fans pose questions comparing these two legends. During a recent social media interaction, De Villiers graciously responded to a fan’s inquiry.

In a Q & A session on social media, a fan asked AB de Villiers to choose the ‘best finisher’ between himself and Dhoni. In a manner reminiscent of Dhoni’s trademark style, De Villiers quipped, “Obviously me (laughs). On a serious note, No, I would say definitely MS Dhoni. I love watching him play. The things he has pulled off in the past… I think of that 2011 World Cup – hitting that straight six to win the World Cup. That will be etched in my mind forever. MS has done it so many times in all formats of the game,” affirmed the Proteas legend.

‘Definitely’ is a term frequently associated with Dhoni’s recent declarations, especially when discussing his IPL future. In a previous instance, when asked if IPL 2020 would be his final season, he firmly replied, ‘Definitely not,’ and he has continued to impress ever since.

De Villiers acknowledged the longstanding debate over who holds the title of the best finisher, saying, “There’s always been a big debate over who’s the best finisher – me or him? We can settle it now – I say MS is the best finisher. I am very happy to give credit where credit is due. For CSK in T20s and IPL, and for India in all formats of the game – he’s just a fantastic person, just a fantastic man,” added De Villiers.

Recent weeks have seen Dhoni involved in various activities, including traveling to the United States to watch world number 1 Carlos Alcaraz in action. He also enjoyed a game of golf with former US president Donald Trump before returning to his hometown and giving a young cricketer a lift on his bike.


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