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VIDEO : New Ad of Virat Kohli and Rishabh Pant

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli and the young Indian wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant came together in a new advertisement of “Himalaya MEN face wash”. Virat Kohli posted that video on his social media accounts with a caption,”Watch me and @RishabPant777 team up with @HimalayaMEN to take care of the one problem that keeps coming back. PIMPLES! #HimalayaMenPimplesGottaGo […]

VIDEO : Full Drama On Last Ball & MI Won

Malinga to SN Thakur, out Lbw!! Slower off-cutter, and things don’t dip in the slot any better. 2013. 2015. 2017. 2019, you don’t mess with arithmatic progressions and you don’t mess with these mathematical Mumbai Indians. Thakur – poor old Thakur sent ahead of his usual position – walks across his stumps, freezes bang in front of middle […]

VIDEO : Flying Jaddu almost saves a boundary

Harbhajan to Suryakumar Yadav, FOUR, terrific catch from RJ – well, nearly, only he could have got to the ball, ran in a long way from deep mid-wicket, dived across to his left, went one-handed and got to the ball, but it kept going away and bounced past his outstretched hands. Nicely played by Suryakumar, knew […]