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VIDEO : Kuldeep’s Unplayable Ball to LBW Root

Kuldeep Yadav to Root, out Lbw!! Plumbahh. Root is pinned dead in front, he contemplates about a review. Has a word with his partner but decides to continue his long walk back to the pavilion. Kuldeep strikes gold once again, two quick wickets for India and Root’s poor form continues. Totally misjudged the length here. It was […]

VIDEO : Rohit flicks one for six

Jordan to Rohit, SIX, one bad ball in the whole over and that has spoilt everything. Low full-toss, angling into middle, Rohit flicks and it goes flat over deep backward square leg. No effort at all put into the shot, pure timing. Rohit Sharma scored his third Twenty-20 International century. Here is the clip of that […]

VIDEO : Superb Pull Shot By KL Rahul For a Six

J Ball to Rahul, SIX, what a shot. This is a back of a length delivery outside off and what does Rahul do? He unleashes his inner Kevin Pietersen, flamingo-pulls and connects beautifully which sends the ball soaring over deep backward square leg. Some shot as Ball didn’t do much wrong. That’s all class of Rahul on […]

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