Everyone Should Keep Their Mouth Shut On Indian Pitches: Rohit Sharma To Critics


In an exhilarating clash between India and South Africa in the second test of their series at Cape Town, cricket fans witnessed a whirlwind of emotions. With India trailing 1-0 after their loss in Centurion, the Cape Town match carried immense significance in the series.

The test, which unfolded in a mere four and a half sessions, etched its name as the shortest in cricket history. The saga began with South Africa choosing to bat first, facing the relentless pace of India’s Mohammed Siraj, who claimed a six-wicket haul in the morning session. The outcome: South Africa recorded their lowest Test score of 55 since their return to international cricket.

In response, India seized an early advantage, but the momentum took a drastic turn when they encountered a stunning collapse, losing six wickets successively without adding a single run. Amidst this tumult, South Africa successfully chipped away at India’s 98-run lead, setting the stage for an intense battle on the challenging pitch.

Following the match, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma addressed the contentious pitch issue, offering his perspective on the demanding conditions. Sharma boldly remarked, “I don’t have an issue with pitches like this as long as there’s no criticism of Indian pitches when playing in our country. Coming here challenges you, and playing in India presents its own challenges too.”

Rohit’s statement embodies resilience and a readiness to confront challenges directly. He underscores the double standards frequently observed in cricket discourse, particularly concerning pitches in the subcontinent. Over time, visiting teams have criticized Indian pitches, often attributing their difficulties to the dominance of Indian spinners. Conversely, when facing similar challenges outside the subcontinent, there’s often a conspicuous absence of criticism.

This isn’t the first instance of foreign teams pointing fingers at Indian pitches, especially those favoring spinners. During occasions where Indian spinners have dominated, securing victories within a couple of days, critics from overseas have tended to blame the conditions rather than acknowledging their struggle to adapt.


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