Greg Chappell going through financial struggles, friends launch fundraising campaign


Former Australian cricket captain and current Team India head coach, Greg Chappell, is reportedly encountering financial difficulties. As a result, Chappell’s friends have initiated a campaign on an online fundraising platform to provide him with financial support.

Greg Chappell shed light on his financial situation, explaining that he is not in dire straits, but he is not living a luxurious life like many modern-day cricketers. The 75-year-old clarified that his friends have organized the fundraising efforts to ensure he has a comfortable retirement.

“I’m not in financial distress. I don’t want to give the impression that we are in dire need, because we’re not. However, we’re not enjoying the opulent lifestyle that many contemporary cricketers do. I think people often assume that cricketers like us are living in luxury. While I’m not struggling financially, we’re not reaping the same benefits as today’s players,” Chappell stated in an interview with News Corp. He added, “It’s simply my friends who recognized that our generation didn’t earn as much, and they want to ensure that Judy and I can lead a comfortable retired life.”

Chappell also pointed out that many players from his era are facing financial challenges. He believes that former cricketers who made significant contributions to the game deserve recognition and support. He emphasized, “To be fair, there are others from our generation who are in more dire straits and could use assistance. I don’t believe the sport has done enough to acknowledge the contributions of players from that era, especially when compared to the rewards modern players receive. The pioneers who shaped the game should be acknowledged for their role in its development.”

Greg Chappell’s cricket career included 87 Tests and 74 ODIs for Australia before retiring in 1984. He amassed 7,110 runs in Test cricket, including 24 centuries, and scored 2,331 runs with three centuries in the 50-over format. During his playing days, he was widely regarded as one of the world’s top batsmen.

Following his retirement, Chappell worked as a broadcaster, columnist, and coach. His coaching tenure with the Indian cricket team was marked by controversy, but it also featured significant achievements, including India’s first-ever Test win in South Africa.


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