Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Vaughan praise a boundary catch in a local tournament


In the world of cricket, there have been many noteworthy moments and recently, a fielding scene from a local match has gained attention. The batter hit a six, but the fielder stationed near the boundary line made a spectacular catch.

However, it wasn’t just the catch that caught people’s attention. The fielder’s exceptional skill was the real highlight of the play, as he kicked the ball before another fielder caught it. A Twitter user shared the video, praising the remarkable talent and stating, “Taking boundary catching to a whole new level…🏃‍♂️.” The skill was widely praised by many after the video was shared.

Sachin Tendulkar, a renowned cricket batsman, has given accolades to the fielder. He posted a video with the following message, “The result of having someone who understands both cricket and football! ⚽️ 🏏 😂”

Michael Vaughan, a seasoned player, also expressed his admiration for the fielder through a tweet. He wrote, “Undoubtedly the finest catch of all time… 🙌🙌”


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