Siraj buys into NBA Finals hype with stunning leap to latch onto blinder


The United States of America once again showcased their resilience on another challenging New York pitch, recovering from a dire 25/3 to post a competitive total against a red-hot India.

At one point, they even seemed poised to seize full momentum and exceed a par score, until a brilliant effort from Mohammed Siraj halted their progress.

Nitish Kumar and Corey Anderson had put together 25 runs off just 18 balls, a brisk pace by Nassau County standards, when the in-form Arshdeep Singh took the ball for the 15th over.

Kumar, undeterred, attempted to capitalize on a short delivery by lofting the Kookaburra over the long square-leg boundary. The former Canada captain appeared to have hit it just enough to clear the fielder as Siraj backpedaled, trying to gauge the ball’s trajectory.

Miraculously, the ball seemed destined to sail over Kumar’s head until Siraj leaped backwards from a crouched position to make a sensational catch out of thin air.

The crowd collectively gasped at the incredible effort before erupting in celebration, a sentiment that was enthusiastically echoed on Twitter.


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