Top 5 Teams with the Most Sixes in IPL History

Teams with the Most Sixes in IPL History – IPL is a stage where each group needs to score however much they can. Groups have their own procedures to hit sixes and dominate games; some trust that the passing overs will detonate, and some begin beating the balls from the word go. Limits in IPL are bread and butter to dominate matches. IPL has developed into an overall famous game, has taken the T20 organization to another level. Most would agree the structure has evolved with the Indian association. Groups currently accept that the contrast between two groups can be estimated by the number of sixes the two groups hit in a game.

All things considered, the past dubious guideline of choosing the game with the quantity of boundaries groups have scored, if there should be an occurrence of a tied super-finished, might look significant according to this viewpoint. We will disclose to you the groups that have hit the most sixes in IPL history up until now. Each cricket sweetheart needs to realize which is the Sixer King group of IPL. From MI to CSK, how about we look at which team holds the record for hitting the most sixes in IPL history.

Teams with the most sixes hit in IPL history:

5. Kolkata Knight Riders – 1111 sixes


The double cross IPL champ, Kolkata Knight Riders, have 1111 sixes to their name in IPL. The establishment gloats of some fine hitters of the ball with any semblance of Andre Russell, Eoin Morgan, and so on. The team sits at the fifth spot in the rundown of most sixes in IPL. KKR has played 207 so far to have this record.

4. Chennai Super Kings – 1174 sixes


CSK, with 3 IPL titles under MS Dhoni captaincy, has 1174 sixes in 11 seasons. Chennai Super Kings played just 11 out of 13 seasons because of a boycott of 2 years because of fixing claims. Chennai Super Kings scored these sixes while playing 192 matches. They are at no. 4 in the rundown of most sixes in IPL by groups.

3. Punjab Kings – 1187 sixes


KXIP has hit 1187 sixes in their 13 seasons. Rulers XI Punjab group has hit these sixes in 206 matches since 2008. They have played 190 games till now. The gathering, as of now having seems like they will be no. 1 in the forthcoming season.

2. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 1282 sixes

rcb. team with the most sixes in IPL history

RCB group is known for the ruinous batting set up throughout the long stretches of IPL seasons. Thus they are No.2 in this rundown. Royal Challengers Bangalore group has hit 1282 sixes in 13 seasons they have played. RCB has played 210 games during these seasons.

1. Mumbai Indians – 1318 sixes – team with the most sixes in IPL history

mumbai indians. team with the most sixes in IPl history.

The leading group to win 5 IPL prizes ever, Mumbai Indians, has more than others. Mumbai Indians, as far as sixes, the players of MI have hit 1318 sixes. Mumbai Indians have played 217 matches since 2008.

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