VIDEO : Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Magical Ball to Dismiss Shanaka


That was just a magical delivery by the Indian swing bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the first test match of Paytm series between India and Sri Lanka.

Shanaka has been given out LBW and he has reviewed it immediately. He didn’t play a shot, it’s a fair delivery, he was hopping and gets struck just above the knee-roll, Hawk-Eye says it’s clipping the bails of middle-stump, the umpire’s call will stay and Shanaka is OUT.

That’s a poor leave from Shanaka, although it looked like the bounce on this surface might save him, unfortunately for Shanaka, Hawk-Eye says it was just about skimming the top of the middle-stump, enough for the original decision to stay.

Bad misjudgement from Shanaka, this was the big inswinger from Bhuvneshwar, Shanaka was happy to let it go by, it jagged back in a long way and hit him on the pads.

Here is the clip of that video:


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