VIDEO : Brilliant Review By du Plessis and Pujara Gone


Rabada to Pujara, out Lbw!! You could see this coming to be honest. Pujara is generally never comfortable against the in-coming ball, especially if it’s at high pace and especially if the pacer has variations up his sleeve. Like Rabada does. He has been phenomenal this morning and this is another classical setup. The two-card trick, juggles between the outswinger and inswinger, and it’s the latter that gets rid of Pujara.

He wasn’t that forward to this and looked to defend with a gap between bat and pad. The movement ensured that he was beaten on the inside edge and rapped on the back pad. Seemed dead plumb in real time and Faf was quick to review it. Works in SA’s favor. Unless Pujara had got any bat, he was always a goner on this.

Here is the clip of that video:


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