VIDEO : Brilliant Review By Jadeja and Paine Gone

Jadeja to Paine, out Caught by Pant!! RJ is convinced that there’s an edge on that and India will review – it’s for a caught behind call. Ball is close to the bat – nothing on HotSpot, but there’s a spike on the RTS. Is it good enough to overturn the original call? Yes, it is and Paine is OUT. Excellent review from India and they are slicing through Australia now – Paine doesn’t think he edged it, looks grumpy as he walks away to the pavilion, but India would say that has perhaps evened out his luck, after what happened with the run-out.

Are we in for another 3-day finish? Pushed through quicker and just outside off, Paine was looking to cut and the ball flew past his top-edge. Was the spike good enough for the original call to be overturned? Disappointment for the hosts as the captain falls.

Here is the clip of that video:

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