VIDEO : Brilliant Review By Rahane & Agarwal Survives


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, no run, loud shout for LBW and Mayank has been given OUT LBW. he has a chat with his partner and wants a review. Was this sliding down leg? It’s a fair delivery and looks like there’s no bat on that, Mayank was struck pretty high on the pad, but he was in a squatting position.

UltraEdge in and it confirms that there’s no bat. Ball-tracking in, it’s missing and Marais Erusmus will have to change his original decision. NOT OUT is the call. An agonising wait for Mayank who looked pretty shocked when he was given, the quicker off-break from Mehidy.

Mayank was looking to sweep and was done in the pace of the delivery, the impact was in front of leg and would have been sailing down, would have been bouncing over the stumps as well – even if it wasn’t going down. A rare bad call from Erasmus.

Here is the clip of that video:



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