VIDEO : Controversial Dismissal of Rohit Sharma


Roach to Rohit, out Caught by Shai Hope!! A confident caught-behind appeal from WI, not given by the onfield umpire. West Indies review. It’s a fair delivery. There’s a spike on UltraEdge and the onfield call has been reversed. Rohit doesn’t want to leave. There was a spike alright, but was it off the pad or bat? The ball was between those two, but it looked like the ball was closer to the bat. The third umpire was quick to deem it out. It was a superb delivery from Roach.

Angled in a length ball from wide of the crease and it kept coming in with the angle. It decked in further and Rohit was prodding away from his body. There was a big gap between bat and pad and the ball might have kissed the inside edge before going into the keeper’s mitts. Roach was certain that there was a nick there. Successful review from West Indies.

Here is the clip of that video:


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