VIDEO : Game Changing Run Out of Ajinkya Rahane

Lyon to Jadeja, out Rahane Run Out!! Australia finally get a breakthrough! It had to be a run out to remove Rahane, given how well he had been batting. This is a dismissal that’s probably brought about due to the milestone effect. Jadeja was clearly looking for that single to get to his fifty in the previous deliveries, wasn’t getting them and the ever-generous Rahane decides to aid his partner with a risky run.

It was dabbed to point and they set off for the single but Labuschagne’s throw at the striker’s end is flat with Paine doing the rest. Didn’t look that close in real time to be honest but as it turns out, Rahane is short by the thinnest of margins. He gives a pat to Jadeja, as if to relieve his partner of any possible guilt and then walks off to a standing ovation from the MCG crowd. What a knock, an innings for the ages indeed.

Here is the clip of that video:

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