VIDEO : Great Start By Ishant & Duck For Burns

Ishant to Rory Burns, out Lbw!! Loud shout for LBW, Ishant kept pleading and pleading and up went umpire Virender Sharma’s finger. Burns has reviewed it though. Is the angle taking it down? No bat and the ball has hit Burns on the knee-roll – UltraEdge confirms it. Umpire’s call on hitting, it will remain OUT.

A duck for Burns and Kohli looks animated as usual. First delivery on the stups and Burns was caught in the crease as he pushed forward, the ball burst past the inside edge and struck him on the knee-roll. The impact was in front of middle and leg, would have been clipping the leg-stump. Looked close to the naked eye and don’t think Burns can feel done by the umpire’s decision.

Here is the clip of that video:

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