VIDEO : Jason Roy Gets Furious On Umpire


Pat Cummins to Roy, out Caught by Carey!! What has happened here? Roy has been given out but he does not want to go. The umpires are having a word with him and tell him to leave the field. He is furious and is muttering away in anger. The match referee will have a look into this. Hope he doesn’t get suspended for the final.

Short and aimed at the batsman, Roy is on one-leg to play the pull and the ball lobs to Carey. The Australians go up in unison and umpire Dharmasena had a bit of hesitation in raising his finger. That was what put off Roy. The UltraEdge shows a flatline as ball passes Roy. So he has every right to be livid with the decision. England had lost the review with Bairstow’s wicket and they could not do anything about it.

Here is the clip of that video:


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