VIDEO : Jofra Archer’s Deadly Bouncer to Injured Smith


Jofra Archer to Smith, no run, Woof! That’s smashed him right on the side of his head and Smith is down on the floor. 92.4mph bouncer. The players are stunned and Steve Smith doesn’t seem to be getting up anytime soon. Smith shuffled across and by the time he could think of countering this bouncer, it was at him like a rapid rash.

Just could not avoid it and as he tried to sway away from the line, the lack of bounce zoots in and hammers him bannnngggggg on the side of his helmet. Coach Justin Langer wears a concerned look on his face as the physios of both teams steam into the field. The players swarm around to check on him. The umpires are taking their own, sweet time to get this sorted and by the looks of it Steve Smith is walking off the field. Not sure if he is gonna take further part in this innings. He is getting a great round of applause from the Lord’s crowd.

Here is the clip of that video:


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