VIDEO : Kohli Drop the Catch, But Ran Out Wade

Washington Sundar to Wade,¬†out¬†Wade Run Out!! Comical dismissal. Wade should have been out caught Kohli, but he’s now run-out Kohli. Washington Sundar bowled slower through the air and got some purchase, Wade closed the bat face early trying to flick after a step down the wicket, got a leading edge.

Dolly of a catch at cover, Kohli tried to take overhead but it popped out. Wade charged for a run, but Smith was just ball-watching. Wade had given up too midway down the pitch. Then Smith tried to go, Wade tried to go as well, but Kohli threw the ball to Rahul to effect the dismissal. Wade didn’t expect the drop and could have been home had he not given up early. Smith alerted him of the drop but Wade was almost walking away before the drop and it was too late to recover.

Here is the clip of that video:

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