VIDEO : Kohli Smashed Four Boundaries On 4 Balls


Abu Jayed to Kohli, FOUR, not off the middle but you ride your luck when batting on a hundred. Kohli pushes for the full delivery outside off and squirts it off the outer half through the backward region.

Abu Jayed to Kohli, FOUR, this he was in complete control of. Full and around off, Kohli moves forward and presents a straight bat to check the on-drive past Jadeja, the timing was so good that he just stood there and admired it reach the fence.

Abu Jayed to Kohli, FOUR, hat-trick of boundaries. Kohli is showing his range. In other words, he is toying with Abu Jayed. This was not a bad delivery like the previous one, fuller and close to off, Kohli picks it from there and flicks it past mid-wicket. All wrists and all timing!

Abu Jayed to Kohli, FOUR, well, he is having a net session now. Fuller and outside off, Kohli had the room to free his arms and he ensures he places the drive in by closing the bat face, the ball raced away in front of square beating the sweeper in the deep.

Here is the clip of that video:


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