VIDEO : When MS Dhoni Trolled Umpire With His Dhoni Review System


MS Dhoni is always known for his sharp mind in the under pressure situation on the field. He is also well known for his own DRS, i.e Dhoni Review System. In a One Day International match against England, he again proved his presence of mind.

The incident happened in the over of Chris Woakes. He bowls to the batsman Yuvraj Singh and that time MS Dhoni is on the non-strike. The ball took the edge and gone to the wicketkeeper gloves.

The on field umpire gave him out, but MS Dhoni quickly asked for DRS. In the replay, the ball was touched on the ground after taking the bat’s edge. After that umpire reverse his decision to not out. To watch this incident all the Indian players including Virat Kohli laughing a lot.

Here is the clip of that video:



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