VIDEO : One Handed Sensational Catch By Pant to Dismiss Pope

Siraj to Ollie Pope, out Caught by Pant!! And he strikes first ball, but this wicket is all on Pant – quite a spectacular catch from the Indian keeper, managed to keep his composure even as it threatened to spill out – kept his eyes on the ball and caught it on the rebound. A soft soft dismissal for Pope.

He looks gutted as he walks back to the hut – a wicket first ball in India for Siraj – short and sliding down leg, had a boundary written all over it, Pope shuffled inside the line and awkwardly jabbed at it, off the inside edge and it went flying to the left of the keeper. Pant went one-handed with the dive, caught the ball and then it popped out as he hit the turf, but manages to roll his gloves, off his face, onto his chest and into his left hand.

Here is the clip of that video:

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