VIDEO : Pant Dropped Easy Catch Like a Boss

Siraj to Will Pucovski, no run, How about that for a catch? Pant put down an easy chance a couple of overs back, but he has taken a fine catch this time around. Or has he? Oh no,¬†he has put down yet another chance!¬†Will Pucovski gets another life. Looks like it’s his day. And Pant continues to struggle behind the wickets.

That won’t please him one bit. Was a short ball by Siraj and Will Pucovski got hurried due to the pace. Gets it off the glove and Pant spills it out as he leaps backward to grab it. He managed to take it on the second attempt, but the ball had hit the ground by then. So Will Pucovski gets his third life. The soft signal was OUT, so it has to be overturned

Here is the clip of that video:

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