VIDEO : Queensland player Marcus Labuschagne attempts a ‘fake fielding’


The incident happened in the 27th over of the match when the batsman hit the ball towards mid-off. The Queensland fielder Marnus Labushchagne tried to grab it but he missed the ball completely. The fielder faked a throw and the batsman quickly tried to back to his crease.Umpires penalized the fielding side by awarding 5 runs to the opposition team.

The MCC’s new law 41.5 states that: “it is unfair for any fielder wilfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batsman after the striker has received the ball”

“where a fielder feigns to field the ball and/or feigns to throw a non-existent ball in an attempt to prevent the batsmen running”

Here is the clip of that video:


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