VIDEO : Sensational Run Out By Kohli to Dismiss Nicholls

Bumrah to Ross Taylor,¬†out¬†Henry Nicholls Run Out!! Fantastic work from the Indian skipper, he knew it was out the moment he hit the stumps and roared a big ‘C’MON’ instantly. Taylor got beaten on the inside edge on the flick and he had to rush to the other end as Nicholls wanted to pinch a quick single.

Clearly poor judgement as it was Kohli fielding at cover, a flashy dive and the Indian skipper hits bull’s eye with a forward-sprint-and-dive direct hit at the batting end. Top stuff. The key thing about this dismissal was, Kohli went for the underarm throw as opposed to a conventional one which would have allowed Nicholls more time to get back into the crease.

Here is the clip of that video:


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