VIDEO : Shami’s Sharp Bouncer Hits Bangladeshi Batsmen Twice


Shami to Liton Das, no run, Das struck on the helmet by a rapid short ball! He was terribly late on the attempted pull as this skidded through from Shami. The physio is out to assess him as per protocol. Looks like he’ll continue.

Shami to Nayeem, no run, bangggg on the helmet! Another helmet-smasher (read: bumper) from Shami and it tails in sharply after pitching. Nayeem was late to react and he just looked to sway away at the last minute which didn’t help his cause, the ball came fizzing onto his head and struck him around the side of the helmet. It makes a splattering sound before lobbing backwards of second slip where Kohli takes it one-handed, no real appeal as there was no bat involved. Shami looks concerned as the Bangladhesh physio rushes out to the centre. The Indian fielders swarm around the batsman before receiving an ‘All fine’ thumbs up from Nayeem. It’s gonna take some time as the concussion tests are in process at the moment.

Here is the clip of that video:


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