VIDEO : Unplayable Ball By Starc to Bowled Yasir Shah

Starc to Yasir Shah, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! It is the Starc special that gets rid of Shah. He looks up at his partner before walking off. It was an unplayable delivery. The inswinging yorker right at the stumps, Shah is beaten by the 142.6kph delivery.

The bat is late to come down and the ball brushes the front pad before deflecting onto the stumps. The partnership has been broken and Australia have a chance of wrapping this up.

Here is the clip of that video:


  1. The beauty of that “Starc”delivery is completely spoilt by the below par reporting.”unplayable ball by Starc to bowled Yasir Sha”-Is it English for reporting.”Unplayable ball bowled by Starc to dislodge Sha’s timber(If the reporter wants to use the language attractive).

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