VIDEO : Virat Kohli Completed the Hat-trick of Bumrah


Bumrah to Roston Chase, out Lbw!! Bumrah has a Test hat-trick. Kudos to Virat Kohli for taking the review. He went against his bowler and trusted his gut. It paid off and he was the one celebrating the most. The entire team management are up on their feet to applaud the feat. Is there anything Bumrah can’t do with a ball in his hand?

Another truly unplayable delivery. The big booming inswinger and Chase like his mate before was beaten for pace, the bat was late to come and the ball had crashed into the front pad. Bumrah thought it was bat first and then pad, but Kohli from second slip knew. He knew better standing behind the wicket and took the matters upstairs. Replays showed that the bat came later with a closed face and Chase was beaten on the inside edge. Ball-tracking shows it to be hitting major part of leg-stump.

Here is the clip of that video:


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