VIDEO : Worst Dismissal Ever in the Cricket History


This was one of the worst decision in the history of cricket. The ball goes far away from the bat of the batsman. This match happened in July 2007, in the Surrey vs Bradford Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence at the Kennington Oval.

The batsman, who given out was an English cricketer Thomas Merilaht, the bowler was Mohammed Akram, while the wicketkeeper was Jon Batty. A Pakistani journalist Asif Khan tweeted on this matter.

He wrote,”An old county game, the bowler is Mohammad Akram. What I was told is that slip fielder, Ian Salisbury appealed. It was umpire’s First FC game. The batsman had two balls in his rib-cage already hence he was ‘scared’ and walked.

I was told this :).”

Here is the clip of that video:


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