VIDEO : Worst DRS of the Series and Wicket For India

Umesh Yadav to Burns, out Caught by Pant!!An absolute peach and Burns has been caught behind, but at the last moment, he decides to review. Took a long time, had a big chat with his partner and signalled for it. HotSpot detects a mark, so the onfield call will stay and Burns’s misery is over. He was on all fours against Bumrah, but this is an absolute seed from Umesh to send him packing.

Came with the natural angle and then wickedly swung away late – Burns was completely opened up as he played down the wrong line, flicked the outside edge, brushed his back trouser and Pant has a simple catch. If he hadn’t nicked it, could have been a close LBW call. India have got the wicket with the new ball once again.

Here is the clip of that video:

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