WATCH : A fan caught the ball in the stands, took out a Sharpie, signed it, and threw it back


In Durban, South Africa staged an impressive comeback after being at 12/2 against Australia, ultimately reaching a total of 190/8 in the first innings, determined to avoid a series whitewash.

While Donovan Ferreira showcased his batting prowess, the most remarkable moment of the match involved an unidentified fan in the Kingsmead crowd, leaving an indelible mark on the game in a manner never witnessed in international cricket before.

During the 15th over of the innings, spinner Tanveer Sangha faced off against Ferreira. Sangha attempted to finish his spell with a wide-flighted delivery in hopes of securing a wicket. However, Ferreira rose to the occasion, executing a splendid inside-out shot that sent the ball into the hands of fans seated in the extra cover region.

As players rotated positions between overs, the cameras captured a fan’s hilarious act as he produced a marker and signed the Kookaburra cricket ball in his possession before returning it to the field.

The fan understandably basked in his fleeting moment of fame, as did those surrounding him. Even the umpires couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation, sporting wide grins as they were left with no choice but to provide a new ball to the Australian team to continue the game, given the sheer absurdity of the incident. Twitter users were equally bemused and took to social media to express their astonishment.


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