WATCH : Baba Aparajith involved in a heated row with umpires


During a recent match in the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Division 1, Baba Aparajith, a batsman from Tamil Nadu, found himself at the center of a significant clash involving both on-field umpires and players from the opposing team.

Representing the Young Stars Cricket Club against Jolly Rovers CC, the right-handed batter joined the crease when the team’s score was 32-2 after seven overs, pursuing a target of 164 runs. At that moment, Aparajith had accumulated 32 runs before the controversial incident unfolded.

The controversy emerged when Aparajith was declared out by the on-field umpire following a delivery from the opposition captain, B Hari Nishanth. The ball spun heavily, leading to an appeal from the fielding side. The situation became complex as it appeared that Aparajith might have been hit on the leg pads, but a fielder at short leg also claimed to have caught the ball.

Reacting strongly to the umpire’s decision, the 29-year-old Aparajith displayed visible frustration and expressed his disagreement in a somewhat dramatic manner. He refused to leave the field and used gestures to communicate his objections to the umpire. This prompted a conversation between Aparajith and the umpire to address the issue.

Despite the absence of the Decision Review System (DRS) in this contest, the replays were consulted to reach a resolution. Although Aparajith began walking back to the pavilion once the on-field decision was upheld, he then turned back to engage with a player from the opposing team.

The intense discussion compelled the umpires to intervene, eventually leading to Aparajith making his way back to the pavilion.


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