WATCH : Bangladesh fielder’s hilarious musical chair over a catch drop in the slip cordon


Trailing 1-0 in the two-match Test series, Bangladesh faced a rough start in the second Test as the Sri Lankan top order dominated them on the first day, with six out of seven batters scoring fifty-plus runs.

Despite creating opportunities, Bangladeshi bowlers struggled with fielding support, exemplified by a moment where three slip fielders engaged in what seemed like a game of musical chairs.

In the 121st over’s fifth delivery, Khaled Ahmed delivered a full-pitched ball outside the off-stump, tempting Prabath Jayasuriya to drive with his front foot. However, Jayasuriya failed to connect properly, resulting in an outside edge towards the first slip.

Bangladesh’s captain juggled the catch twice but couldn’t hold on. In a comical turn of events, the ball ricocheted off Shanto’s palm towards a diving second slip, who also couldn’t grasp it, leading to a near miss for the stretched third slip.

The sight of all three slip fielders exerting effort yet failing to secure the catch prompted amusement on Twitter, eliciting laughter from the Twitterverse.


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