WATCH : Barry McGrathy Smashed A Colossal Six On The Final Ball Of Innings


In the dynamic realm of T20 cricket, every delivery holds significant importance. And when the contenders are Ireland and the cricketing powerhouse India, the stakes are elevated even further. The inaugural T20 clash between these nations showcased its fair share of nerve-wracking instances, yet one particular occurrence stole the spotlight.

Imagine this: Barry McGrathy of Ireland standing at the crease, as Arshdeep Singh charges in for India. It’s the ultimate delivery of the innings, and the weight of the scoreboard is immense. An air of anticipation hangs heavy. Then, as if defying expectations, the unexpected unfolds.

Arshdeep releases a full toss just outside the off-stump. Whether it was an error or a calculated maneuver remains shrouded in uncertainty. However, what follows is undeniable. Barry McGrathy, blending finesse with audaciousness, propels his bat with formidable force along the line. The outcome? A monumental six that soars gracefully beyond long-off, disappearing into the exultant crowd.

In that single shot, McGrathy not only contributes six runs to Ireland’s tally but also reaches his half-century milestone. And what a remarkable manner to achieve it! Garnering fifty runs against a team as adept as India is no minor achievement, and to accomplish it with such panache on the final delivery of the innings? Undeniably iconic.

Ireland’s innings concludes with a commendable total of 139 runs. For enthusiasts and players alike, McGrathy’s six will remain etched in memory as the standout moment of the match. It transcended beyond being a mere boundary; it conveyed a message. A declaration that Ireland, though often labeled as underdogs, possess the skill and resolve to challenge the finest on a global scale.

The T20 format, renowned for its unpredictability and thrilling climaxes, upheld its reputation on that day. While the entire match was a spectacle in itself, McGrathy’s six stood as the crowning touch, encapsulating the essence of the sport.


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