WATCH : Curran’s red-hot send-off after Jaiswal baits into mind games


Rajasthan skipper chose to bat first after winning the toss, but opener Jaiswal couldn’t justify the decision, managing only a boundary before getting out to Sam Curran in the first over.

Curran found some lateral movement with the new SG ball and dismissed Jaiswal, following up with a fiery send-off. After delivering a fuller ball at the stumps that Jaiswal drove back to mid-on, Curran walked up to him with a menacing stare.

On the next ball, he bowled an outswinger outside off, and Jaiswal, with minimal front foot movement, ended up chopping the ball onto his stumps while attempting a drive.

Curran had the last laugh despite conceding a boundary on the first ball, sending Jaiswal off with a gesture to return to the dugout.

Additionally, wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow had tried to unsettle Jaiswal earlier by engaging him as the players took the field. Seeing the psychological tactics working in favor of Curran and the Punjab Kings, Twitter was abuzz with reactions.


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