WATCH : David ‘unlucky’ Warner gets dismissed due to an unfortunate slip


In the ongoing ODI series against Australia, South Africa secured their first victory with a convincing 111-run margin. Aiden Markram shone brightly for the South African side, while David Warner stood out as the lone Australian batsman who managed to make a notable impact with his performance.

Nevertheless, Warner’s desire to accumulate more runs was abruptly halted when he suffered an unfortunate dismissal, thrusting him into the spotlight. The pivotal moment occurred during the 19th over, with Tabraiz Shamsi in charge of the bowling duties.

He delivered a well-pitched ball down the leg side to Warner. The Australian opener nudged the ball into the 30-yard circle, prompting both batsmen to sprint for a quick single. However, misfortune struck as Warner lost his footing in the batting crease just before attempting the run, resulting in his being caught short of the crease.

With remarkable agility, Keshav Maharaj retrieved the ball and swiftly aimed a throw towards the non-striker’s end.

In a desperate bid to save his wicket, Warner attempted a diving effort, but an accurate direct hit left him stranded and dismissed for a score of 78. This incident sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter, as fans and commentators expressed their sentiments regarding Warner’s unfortunate dismissal.


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