WATCH : Dhoni and Ziva amazing reaction to Chandrayaan-3’s historic moon landing


MS Dhoni has earned the moniker ‘Captain Cool’ with good reason. His innate ability to remain composed and collected, regardless of the gravity of the situation, is a defining trait. This demeanor seems effortless, as if he doesn’t need to put in any extra effort – or so it seems from an external perspective.

Moreover, this quality isn’t confined to the cricket field alone; it extends to various aspects of Dhoni’s life beyond the cricket pitch. A prime example of this can be observed in his recent appearances circulating on social media platforms.

During the pivotal moment when India’s Chandrayaan-3 was on the cusp of its triumphant lunar landing, the entire nation held its breath in anticipation of this historic event. Dhoni, much like millions of his fellow Indians, was gripped by the television coverage.

However, in stark contrast to many others, when the watershed instant finally arrived around 6:04 pm (IST), marking India’s groundbreaking achievement of becoming the first to touch down on the unexplored southern pole of our planet’s natural satellite, Dhoni’s response was notably understated.

In the video that rapidly spread across the internet, Dhoni, sporting a tank top and shorts within what seems to be a gym setting, exhibited an almost nonchalant gesture of applauding his thigh, even as those around him erupted into enthusiastic cheers. This isn’t to suggest that Dhoni wasn’t as exhilarated as his counterparts. It’s simply emblematic of his characteristic manner.

Although the brief seven-second clip didn’t reveal the visage of the cricketing legend, it sufficed for fans worldwide to unmistakably recognize Dhoni. In a separate video, Dhoni’s daughter, Ziva, was observed celebrating India’s lunar mission. However, her approach was notably more overt than that of her father.


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