WATCH : Epic Reaction By Virat Kohli on Shubman Gill Century


Gill receives a delivery from Murphy and confidently scores a four! He takes off his helmet, raises his bat and the crowd cheers in appreciation. This century marks Gill’s second in Test cricket, and he has made the most of his opportunity at the top of the order.

Murphy’s delivery was a bit too easy for him, as it was a length ball down leg that Gill effortlessly swept away for four runs.

The session was relatively uneventful as Australia maintained a dry spell with their bowling, while Gill and Pujara remained content to withstand the pressure. However, the atmosphere suddenly changed in the last half-hour. Gill scored a few boundaries, reaching his century, but Pujara was caught out by Murphy. In the final over, Kohli had some nerve-wracking moments against Lyon.

As the break approached, Australia gained the necessary momentum. Despite this, the standout performance was undoubtedly Gill’s composed innings. He seized the opportunity and adapted well to the conditions, showcasing his skill and talent.

After scoring his century, Gill removed his helmet and lifted his bat towards the crowd in acknowledgement. As per his usual custom, he then celebrated by bowing. At that time, the reaction of Virat Kohli was just priceless.


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