WATCH : Helpless Adarsh dropping to his knees after India’s tragic collapse 


The U-19 World Cup Final turned into a disappointing ordeal for the Indian batters as they struggled in their pursuit of 253 runs, losing wickets at regular intervals.

Amidst this adversity, opener Adarsh Singh appeared to be the lone battler attempting to hold the fort, but his efforts seemed futile as wickets continued to tumble. The moment of despair was palpable when India lost their sixth wicket, prompting a gesture of helplessness from Adarsh.

In a pivotal moment during the 26th over, Raf MacMillan delivered a floated fuller ball aimed at the middle and off stump. Aravelly Avanish, attempting a defensive stroke, inadvertently directed the ball back to the bowler, who seized the ricocheting ball with firm hands, igniting jubilation among the Australian camp.

As the collapse of Indian batters unfolded and the last recognized batsman fell cheaply, Adarsh Singh, stationed at the non-striker’s end, sank to his knees, head bowed in disappointment.

Witnessing the unfolding tragedy, Adarsh took a moment to absorb the rare misfortune befalling the Indian team on the grand stage of the tournament, sparking a frenzy on Twitter.


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