WATCH : Knight wins Ashes battle in India by castling ‘bamboozled’ Lanning


Royal Challengers Bangalore are currently up against Delhi Capitals, and it has been an exhilarating batting display in the fixture so far with batters smashing balls for fun.

After winning the toss, RCB chose to bowl first but Delhi’s openers proved their decision absolutely wrong with some powerful hitting. Meg Lanning smashed 72 runs while Shafali Verma scored 84 runs and the pair were cruising ahead for a huge opening partnership.

However, it was England’s captain Heather Knight who bowled a brilliant over and provided the breakthrough for the team dismissing both the openers in the same over. Knight was bowling the 15th over of the innings and Lanning, Australia’s skipper, was facing the third delivery of the over. It was a good-length ball from the spinner which was going away with the angle.

The Australian skipper tried to dance down the track and flick it over leg-side. However, the ball dipped onto him and crashed into the middle stump. The bowler heaved a sigh of relief after the dismissal as the wicket broke the momentum of the opposition. The dismissal brought back memories of Ashes as the English captain got better off the Australian captain.

Twiterattis noticed the incident and praised Lanning for winning the war between two of the all-time greats in women’s cricket.The ongoing match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals has witnessed an exciting display of batting, with players hitting balls with great fervor.

Despite RCB’s decision to bowl first after winning the toss, Delhi’s openers proved them wrong by unleashing some powerful shots. Meg Lanning scored 72 runs while Shafali Verma scored 84 runs, leading the team towards a massive opening partnership.

However, the breakthrough came in the form of England’s captain, Heather Knight, who bowled an excellent over, dismissing both the openers in the same over.

During the 15th over of the innings, Lanning, the skipper of the Australian team, faced the third delivery of Knight’s over. The spinner delivered a good-length ball, which moved away from the batsman’s angle. Lanning tried to dance down the track and flick the ball over leg-side, but it dipped onto him and hit the middle stump, resulting in his dismissal. Knight breathed a sigh of relief as the wicket halted the opposition’s momentum.

Interestingly, the dismissal reminded fans of the Ashes, where the English captain triumphed over the Australian captain. Twitter users praised Lanning for her remarkable performance, considering her to be one of the all-time greats in women’s cricket.


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