WATCH : KS Bharat’s overarm throw at Usman Khawaja made Kohli Angry


Usman Khawaja continued his impressive performance in India as Australia aimed to tie the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Playing at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Khawaja showed excellent control and skillful batting.

As of now, the Australian opener has scored 84 runs off 214 balls, while his partner Cam Green has added 11 runs off 15 balls. Australia has completed 75.4 overs and has managed to score 196/4.

The Indian team believed they needed an unconventional approach to dismiss Usman Khawaja, who has been performing exceptionally well since the first Test of the four-match series.

However, they did not anticipate that one of their teammates would resort to such a bizarre tactic, and even Virat Kohli, who is typically eager to engage in verbal confrontations with the opposition, deemed it unnecessary. The individual responsible for the silly mistake was none other than the recently joined KS Bharat.

The incident occurred during the 71st over’s second ball when Usman Khawaja avoided Mohammed Shami’s well-directed short ball. The left-handed batsman had only left the crease for a brief moment when KS Bharat attempted to run him out with an overarm throw. However, by the time the throw arrived, Khawaja had already reached the crease, and, more importantly, the ball struck him on the thigh.

The throw came towards Khawaja from behind his head, and understandably, he appeared displeased afterwards. Even Virat Kohli, who was fielding at first slip, immediately admonished Bharat, telling him that he shouldn’t have done it.


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