WATCH : Litton imitating Gulbadin’s Oscar-worthy injury fake upon Trott’s instructions


Afghanistan and Bangladesh exchanged blows in a thrilling final Super Eights group stage match, with intermittent rain showers adding to the drama. Batting first, Afghanistan posted a modest 115/5, and Bangladesh’s aggressive pursuit of a net run rate boost led to a flurry of wickets.

By the 12th over, Bangladesh had slumped to 81/7, putting Afghanistan slightly ahead of the DLS par score for the first time in a while. Right on cue, rain began to fall again, prompting Afghanistan’s shrewd head coach, Jonathan Trott, to signal his players to slow down the game in hopes of stopping play. What ensued was a mix of comedy and tension.

Veteran player Gulbadin Naib, adhering to his coach’s tactic, dramatically collapsed at first slip, clutching his hamstring. However, captain Rashid Khan, clearly unimpressed, pointed at Naib and demanded he continue playing.

Gulbadin, having committed to the act, stuck to his ruse, and fortunately for Afghanistan, the strategy paid off as the covers were brought onto the field. Observing the antics, Litton Das humorously mimicked Gulbadin’s feigned injury to Mohammad Nabi while laughing as they walked off the field.

The cameras added to the comedy by showing Gulbadin limping off, only for him to be seen sprinting around energetically when play resumed. Twitter exploded with reactions, trying to make sense of the bizarre turn of events in their usual fashion.


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