WATCH : MS Dhoni Hilariously Asks A Fan For Chocolates After Giving Autograph


Former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has been capturing attention during his remarkable vacation in the United States of America, where he graced the US Open 2023. This legendary wicketkeeper made a notable appearance at the Men’s Singles quarter-final match between the defending champion, Carlos Alcaraz, and Germany’s Alexander Zverev, leaving cricket enthusiasts worldwide in awe.

Besides relishing a well-deserved vacation, Dhoni is reveling in the affection of his extensive fan base in the US. The 2011 World Cup-winning captain is unquestionably one of the most adored cricketers globally, and his fans seize every opportunity to express their devotion.

Social media erupted with enthusiasm when a video surfaced of Dhoni engaging with his fans. He graciously signed autographs, posed for pictures, and displayed his down-to-earth demeanor. This demonstration of humility left online users deeply impressed. In one memorable moment from the video, Dhoni even playfully requested chocolates from a fan after signing an autograph.

Adding to the spectacle, Dhoni was spotted on the golf course alongside none other than former US President Donald Trump. The images of these two iconic figures together quickly went viral on social media, creating a sensation. It was revealed that Trump personally invited Dhoni to a round of golf, making this encounter even more extraordinary.

While Dhoni is primarily celebrated for his cricketing prowess, few are aware that he initiated his sports journey as a football goalkeeper before achieving stardom in cricket. His venture into golf during his American escapade is a testament to his sporting versatility.

The initial photograph of Dhoni and Trump on the golf course was shared by Hitesh Sanghvi, an entrepreneur based in Dubai and a close friend of the cricketing legend. Sanghvi had accompanied Dhoni to the Alcaraz vs. Zverev quarter-final match at the US Open, underscoring the notion that Dhoni’s charisma transcends borders.

Dhoni’s visit to the United States has generated significant excitement, with videos of his adventures circulating widely on social media. The American audience, despite their primary passion for different sports, has warmly embraced this cricketing icon. Dhoni’s charm and approachable nature have transcended cultural boundaries.


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