WATCH : MS Dhoni Spotted Riding Hondo Repsol 150 On The Streets Of Ranchi


MS Dhoni stands as an esteemed and cherished figure among cricketers worldwide. Emerging from a humble role as a ticket collector at a railway station to ascending to the heights of a remarkably accomplished captain, Dhoni’s journey remains an inspiration in the annals of sports history. His leadership prowess places him indisputably among cricket’s most exceptional captains.

Beyond his fervor for cricket, Dhoni is renowned for his deep affection for motorbikes. Notably, within the precincts of his Ranchi farmhouse, this cricket luminary houses an extravagant collection of bikes. Dhoni’s passion for motorbikes is an open secret.

A recent video has gained viral prominence online, showcasing MS Dhoni navigating the streets of Ranchi astride his Honda Repsol 150. Clad in full motorcycle riding attire, Dhoni maneuvers through a large gateway while eager fans strive to catch a glimpse of the renowned player.

This occurrence isn’t the maiden instance of Dhoni’s street escapades in Ranchi. Over the past few months, he has been frequently spotted traversing the city roads on various vehicles.

In a recent episode that captured the internet’s attention, the former Indian captain found himself at the center of a video where he engaged with a pair of enthusiasts on the streets of Ranchi. The spotlight was on Dhoni as he cruised along in his vintage Pontiac Firebird (1973) car. A fan took to social media to share a video, capturing the moment Dhoni conversed with him while seated in the passenger side of the classic automobile.


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