WATCH : MS Dhoni Would Be Proud! Video Of “Greatest Stumping Of All Time”


Cricket has witnessed numerous unforgettable incidents throughout its history, including unplayable deliveries, bizarre dismissals, and enormous sixes. Such moments have etched themselves into the minds of fans worldwide.

MS Dhoni, the Indian wicket-keeper, has won the hearts of many with his outstanding performances behind the stumps, from his no-look dismissals to his lightning-fast stumpings.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media of Australian cricketer Jay Lenton producing what many are calling “the greatest stumping of all time.”

Lenton managed to grab a delivery down the leg side and, in what appeared to be a nonchalant attempt to stump the batter, quickly threw the ball towards the stumps. The batter was caught off guard, and before he could realize what had happened, the bails were dislodged, and the dismissal was complete.

Some have debated whether the dismissal should be counted as a stumping or a run-out, but since the batter didn’t attempt a run on the occasion, it will be considered a stumping.


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