WATCH : Rahul channels his inner Dhoni with a helicopter shot resulting in a boundary


Lucknow Super Giants faced an early setback as Nuwan Thushara sent Arshin Kulkarni packing in the opening over. Nevertheless, KL Rahul found a reliable ally in Marcus Stoinis, and their partnership of 45 runs stabilized the innings, pushing the score to 26/1 after four overs.

The momentum surged when Lucknow’s captain unleashed a barrage of boundaries, including a mesmerizing helicopter shot that added 20 runs in the fifth over.

In a moment of brilliance, on the final delivery of the fifth over, the Sri Lankan bowler aimed a full-length delivery towards the middle and leg stump.

With remarkable precision, Rahul adjusted his stance, subtly shifting his left leg and gripping the bat with finesse. Executing a textbook flick with a helicopter-like flourish, the ball sailed over mid-on, securing yet another boundary for Lucknow.

The Twitterverse erupted with comparisons to Dhoni’s legendary shot, stirring nostalgia among fans for the former Indian captain’s signature move.


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