WATCH : Ravindra Jadeja’s immediate dismissal after LBW survival annoys Rohit

During the first day of the third Test, the Indian batting lineup crumbled like a house of cards, losing half their team in just 45 runs. The last two scalps in the top five were Ravindra Jadeja and Shreyas Iyer, with Jadeja’s wicket hurting Indian captain Rohit Sharma the most.

The all-rounder has previously rescued India from crisis situations with his batting skills. In the 11th over of the innings, Nathan Lyon was bowling and Jadeja was facing the fourth delivery of the over. Lyon deceived the batter with a slider after delivering flighted deliveries earlier, causing Jadeja to play for spin and ultimately hitting his pads.

Umpire Nitin Mennon initially raised his finger, but the decision was reviewed immediately. The UltraEdge showed that there was an inside edge, and Mennon added one more incorrect decision to his already long list in the game so far.

Although Jadeja survived the LBW scare, Rohit Sharma’s relief was short-lived as the batter was soon dismissed. On the very next delivery, which was going away from the batter and was slightly short, Jadeja attempted to smash it from the backfoot.

However, there was a fielder at the catching position inside the 30-yard circle, and Matthew Kuhnemann took the catch without any mistake. After the dismissal, the camera panned towards Rohit, who appeared visibly frustrated, and Twitter users also reacted to the incident.

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