WATCH : ‘RCB-RCB’ Chants in Wankhede During Live Match


After a lengthy absence from India’s lineup, Hardik Pandya made a comeback as the captain of the team in the ODI series opener against Australia on Friday at Wankhede Stadium. Rohit Sharma, who is attending his brother-in-law’s wedding, is not available, so Hardik is leading the side.

However, the Indian all-rounder appeared displeased when he brought himself into the attack after choosing to field first against Australia.

During the seventh over, Hardik was about to release the ball after his run-up when a person walking in front of the sight screen caused him to stop. As a result, Mitchell Marsh, who was on strike, was understandably unable to focus and asked the umpire to halt the delivery.

This had also happened two overs earlier when Mohammed Shami was bowling, and people moving around in front of the sight screens in this crucial game made Hardik extremely angry. The all-rounder then spoke with the on-field umpires, proposing that they request spectators to sit in one place and refrain from regularly interrupting the game.

Suddenly, fans started chanting ‘RCB RCB’, which resulted in a lot of reactions on social media from Twitterati.


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